How To Prepare For The Installation Of Your New Carpet

Once you have picked the right new carpet for your house in your preferred color and size, it’s time to start pre-planning. If only it were that simple to pick a new carpet and forget about it. While carpet installers occasionally encounter consumers who haven’t planned, it is advisable to proceed with a clear strategy. It would save you and the carpet guys money and time. You just open the door on installation day and let them do their thing. Here we can see how we can prepare for the installation of your new carpet. Let’s dive in.

First, Clear The Room

It will be much easier and faster to install new carpet if all furniture is cleared from the space. Nobody is prepared, and sometimes someone is still sleeping in a room where they need to replace the carpet. That impulse will greatly slow down the process. The room should be free of any furnishings. That includes personal stuff like the occasional jumper on the floor. Everything must go. If you are not experienced with carpet removal, call a pro. Ask a buddy to help with the remainder of the furnishings.

The carpet men may also be ready to relocate the other piece the same day. But not pianos or pool tables. Take care of these special items. Removing furniture two days before carpet removal is adequate. So you have plenty of time to locate them a temporary home.


No new carpet can be installed without removing the old one. Dispose of the old carpet a day before installing the new one. That’s the day after you have de-furnished the room. If you need additional time to remove the old carpet, remove the furniture one day early and start pulling it up the next day. If you don’t have the time or desire to do it yourself, you may hire a carpet removal specialist. They will gladly clear your old carpet and replace it.

But it normally costs an additional $2 per square meter. Depending on the size of the room or your entire home, it may be cheaper to do it yourself. You simply need tools and muscle. Cut the old carpet into pieces for simpler handling and call rubbish removal. It is that simple. Keep the previous carpet’s baseboards and short wood strips. They will work for the new one. If you want the carpets replaced quickly and easily, let the carpet men handle it.

Make Way

Make sure the carpet installers have a clear way to and from the room receiving new carpet. The carpenters must quickly install the new carpet from the front door to the individual chamber. Remove any furniture or valuables in the way before they come. Consider putting carpets on the path to keep the dirt out.

To bring the carpet installation process easier, keep dogs and young children out of the way. Allow your kids to spend a day with their friends or grandparents. Lock your dogs in a room with water and food while the new carpet is being installed. Their disapproval won’t stop the carpenter’s work. If you have cats, keep a litter box and food in the same room. Bring your dog to your parents or friends for a few hours.

Create Some Space

Carpenters will need to utilize power in your house, as well as a location to store their equipment. They can’t bring all their gear inside the room to lay the new carpet since it has to be empty. Set up a table for the refreshments in front of that room. They may put their tools on that table and could get them in as needed. They don’t need as many tools therefore it doesn’t have to be big. But, especially on hot days, they will appreciate some coffee and water on the side. You should also consider their bathroom needs. Remove the bathroom carpets as well.


Installing new carpet is a carpenter’s job. They do it every day. You don’t have to be present to monitor their job. It is enough to just open the door for them. You may either return on time or just ask them to lock the door when they finish. You may also volunteer to pick up keys while you are at work. Installing a new carpet normally takes a few hours. You can relax if you have prepared well for the big day. After they finish, all you have to do is move the furniture back into the room.